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When you sell with REDELUXE, there’s no unnecessary waiting.

We make selling SIMPLE, FAST and SAFE.

Upfront quotes let you know exactly how much you will be making before you send in your items. As soon as your items are received and authenticated by REDELUXE, your payments will be processed.

No hassle, no waiting, no letdown!


Redeeming Luxury Resale

We seek to be the safest and most reliable luxury reseller in a high-risk & highly counterfeited market.


Authenticity Guaranteed

Shopping for pre-owned luxury items isn’t easy, and trust is of paramount importance. REDELUXE employs experts skilled in the art of authentication, preventing the sale of counterfeit luxury handbags. We vouch for the authenticity of every item we sell, or 100% of your money back!

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Our Story

Georgia Swain founded REDELUXE with the desire to give luxury lovers all over the world a reliable experience. At the time, Georgia and her husband Hunter (now a Co-Owner) were living in a small town in West Texas where Hunter was a pastor at a church.

A lover of handbags and designer items since her teen years, Georgia was gifted a Louis Vuitton messenger bag by her mother. Although she was not able to afford luxury bags after leaving home, Georgia worked hard to save up for a new one. As her love for luxury grew, she found a Facebook group where people all over the world were buying and selling designer bags and accessories. Georgia realized that the quickest way for her to buy her next bag was to sell an older bag she had.

After a few months of buying and selling online, Georgia recognized the opportunity to share that joy with bag lovers all over the world while making a little bit of extra cash on the side. Together with her husband, she started a company so she could continue doing what she felt she was supposed to be doing – Redeeming Luxury Resale.

REDELUXE started as a way for a young immigrant pastor’s wife, lacking work experience or a business degree, to make extra money. Since then, it has become a brand on a mission to make a difference in the luxury market.

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