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Split Payments

Benefits of split payments

At REDELUXE, we continuously strive to enhance your shopping experience. Recognizing the diverse financial needs and preferences of our clientele, we've recently integrated a split payment option for a more flexible and convenient shopping journey. Here are the benefits of using our new multiple-payment feature:

  1. Financial Flexibility: Not all credit cards are created equal. Some might have a spending limit, while others might offer special rewards or cashback. With the split payment feature, you can distribute the cost of your purchase across multiple cards, ensuring you don't exceed your budget on any single one.

  2. Maximize Rewards and Benefits: By splitting your payment, you can take advantage of the unique rewards, cashbacks, or offers provided by different cards. This way, you make the most out of every purchase, every time.

  3. Streamlined Budget Management & Avoiding Overspending: If you have specific budgets set for various cards or are close to the credit limit on one, the split payment feature can help. It allows you to allocate expenses accurately while preventing potential declined transactions on a card nearing its limit.

  4. Time-Limited Hold: With a 24-hour window to complete your transaction, it adds a gentle nudge to finalize your purchases. Yet, it provides ample time to decide and distribute your payment without any rush.


How it works

Tutorial Split Payment Step 1
Tutorial Split Payment Step 2
Tutorial Split Payment Step 3

Tutorial Split Payment Step 4

Tutorial Split Payment Step 5
Tutorial Split Payment Step 6


Any questions?

We're happy to assist you during this process. Just reach out to us on Instagram, our chat, or via email:

We hope this option makes your shopping experience even more delightful. As always, we're here to ensure that every transaction with REDELUXE is smooth, satisfying, and tailored to you. Happy shopping!


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