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Exploring Insights: Interesting facts about Hermès that you may not know!

Written by Georgia Swain



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Imagine stepping back in time to 1837, Paris bustling with life. There, amidst cobbled streets and grand architecture, a legend is born: Hermès. From humble beginnings as a harness workshop, a journey unfolds, crafted with impeccable detail and an unwavering commitment to luxury. Today, Hermès sits atop the throne, not just as a luxury brand, but as an experience, an embodiment of prestige. But what secrets lie behind its allure? Join us on a captivating exploration of 8 unique facts that unlock the magic of Hermès, where craftsmanship whispers heritage and exclusivity dances with timeless elegance. Are you ready to embark on this captivating journey? Let's unravel the threads that weave the tapestry of Hermès' enduring legacy.

1. Hermès Began as a Harness Maker

Could you have ever imagined that a workshop opened in Paris in 1837, with the aim of producing saddles and harnesses would soon be one of the most sought after companies in the world?u Yes indeed, Thierry Hermès the founder of Hermès was in fact a harness maker when he started his journey, and gradually as time went by he was able to expand his expertise towards the production of leather products such as handbags, belts etc.

2. Hermès's Iconic Orange Box

Do you know what stands out more than the Hermès logo itself? It's the iconic Hermès Orange Box! The box was first seen in the market when in the 1920s it was introduced with the aim of providing their crafted 'hats' with extensive protection during the shipping process, and soon transcended into a standard packaging material when there was a shortage of cream-coloured cardboard packaging being used. Fast-forward to today, and the Orange box has become a symbol and statement of both luxury and exclusivity.

3. Hermès Trains Its Artisans for 4 Years

A stand-out characteristic of the Hermès brand, is their extensive commitment towards craftsmanship, complimented by the rare and unique materials used. What makes it so unique, is the fact that the brand ensures that its artisans are trained for at least a 4-year period in order to provide them with a unique set of skills and knowledge that can contribute towards the brand's vision of providing products of the highest standards.

4. Hermès Handbags Take 48 Hours to Make

Did someone say handmade? Did you know that each Hermès handbag, has been made by hand and takes close to 48 hours to make? The master craftsman at Hermès takes their time in order to effectively implement traditional techniques that have been used for generations to come in order to ensure the highest quality products.

5. An Unlikely Partnership with Henry Ford

While some find it hard to believe, in the early 20s Hermès formed a strategic and one of a kind partnership with, Henry Ford the founder of world renowned automobile company. This partnership, with Ford Motors, was a unique partnership within the Fashion unlike any seen before. The reason why, is unique! Ford during the time had taken an innovative approach towards the implementation of zippers on the interiors of their vehicles, and the partnership was born. Both companies came together with the aim of developing a special line of zippers that could be used in the development of leather products and accessories. This partnership, is a significant turning point within the fashion industry as it underscores the extent to which luxury brands such as Hermès are committed towards excellence through innovation.

6. Hermès has collaborated with American automobile manufacturers to design and produce luxury car interiors.

Another fun fact about Hermès, is another strategic partnership with a company that was in a different landscape. In 2012, the brand partnered up with the American automobile industry, to collectively produce a limited edition version of the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. With only 92 models of the vehicle being produced, the car featured the iconic 'Orange' leather interior and was sold for a whooping 1.8 Million US Dollars. In addition to this, another strategic partnership was formed with the intentions of producing a unique interior for the Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan, which was seen to be gesture the Hermès signature leather and cashmere. Thus, adding more value to already luxurious vehicles.

7. Hermès Silk Scarves: A Legacy of Lyon Craftsmanship

Lyon, a French City, has officially earned the title of Silk Capital of the world for almost 500 years and counting. Hermès recognised this in the early days and developed a strategic and deep-rooted connect with Lyon. Thereby, making Lyon one of the only, locations in the world to produce their iconic scarves. These scarves also known as carrés, are produced with the use of over 45 different colours being hand painted onto silk before printing. Therefore, making these carrés not just fashion accessories but rather works of art backed by years of cultural heritage.

8. Hermès Crocodile Bags: A Testament to Exquisite Craftsmanship

Keeping the rare and exclusive nature of Hermès products in mind, one of the most intricate, rare and exclusive craftsmanship of the brand are their coveted crocodile skin handbags. This rare and exclusive handbag collection can take a minimum of 48 hours in the production process. This is due to the careful selection process that goes behind picking the finest of crocodile hides, followed by skilled tanning and dyeing processes complimented by precise hand-stitching. This makes each bag within this collection, a masterpiece, highlighting the unique skill sets these craftsmen at Hermès have developed. The result, a timeless and appealing statement of elegance and luxury.


As we come to the end of this informative journey fuelled by a rich history and commitment towards innovative partnerships and skilled craftsmanship, it is believed that the brand doesn't focus on the creation of luxuries, but rather focuses on creating unique 'art' that is to be cherished for the generation to come.


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