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Hermès Bags: A Legacy of Luxury, Craftsmanship and Enduring Value

Written by Georgia Swain



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If you are dipping your hands into the world of designer fashion, it goes without saying that the luxury market has been transcending traditional trends within the industry. With a French designer brand leading this movement focused towards enduring style, with exclusive and rare bags crafted by hand being at its epitome. This article will take you on a journey through the legacy of Hermès, discovering 4 unique factors that have led to their bags to be considered as a timeless investment rather than a mere luxurious accessory.

Hermès & The Art of Time: 48 Hours of Meticulous Craftsmanship

A one of a kind dance between highly skilled artisans and the highest quality materials have led to the birth of the Hermès handbags, making them one of the most sought after market leaders. What makes these bags so appealing is the time taken in producing such timeless and elegant masterpieces. Did you know? The Hermès bags take an astonishing 48 hours of handcrafting before the final piece can be produced. While it may seem like this is a tedious labour driven process, it underscores the brands' commitment towards excellence. With each stitch, artisans aren't just connecting leather pieces, but rather are in the constant pursuit of perfection. These craftsmen use their diverse years of knowledge and experience to make sure that each bag being made is a statement of durability blended with elegance.

Birkin Bags: A Wise Investment Beyond Fashion

One of the most notable creations by this skilled craftsman at Hermès is the Birkin collection. While other handbags are sought after to accessories, a transformative shift within the industry, has changed the status of these handbags to be considered as more sound and recession proof financial investments. Traditional investment channels are being left with the wind, with the Birkin Handbag collection, providing the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and significant appreciation potentials. With these traditional investment platforms such as the stock markets and forex markets becoming more and more unpredictable, the Birkin bags have proven to be a more secure investment in times of economic uncertainties. Did you know? In a recent study conducted by, shines light on the fact that over a 35-year frame, this particular collection of Hermès handbags, have notable outperformed the S&P 500 index, witnessing on average a 14.2% increase in value annually. So what are you waiting for, stop indulging in fashion accessories and start investing in these unique financial moves.

Crafting Mastery: A Rigorous Training Ground

Another characteristic, that sets Hermès apart from its competitors, is the efforts put in by the brand behind the scenes. Before the birth of each of these fashion testaments, individual artisans are put through a rigorous training module that leaves these individuals with the skills required to become master craftsmen. Each of these programs is an immersive journey that is often for a duration of 3–4 years, which takes craftsman through the entire production phase step by step in depth. This is inclusive of understanding the detail behind selecting and sourcing the finest of leathers to the actual intricacies of stitching these handbags. So not only are the artisans at Hermès mastering traditional techniques, but are additional being trained to develop a fine eye towards detail. This unique implementation by the brand is reflected in its final selection process, where only the best of the best craftsman are selected to carry this legacy forward.

Image showing Hermes Showroom

The Pinnacle of Luxury, Birkin Handbags: The Diamond Birkin

The Hermès Birkin handbags have undergone a dynamic and transformative journey, providing its users with an unparalleled experience by blending luxury and elegance with the inherit ability to serve as a security from a financial standpoint. One of the grandest creations in the Birkin line was the Diamond Birkin handbag! This particular piece was handcrafted using rare white crocodile leather, covered with high grade diamonds, which takes this product beyond the point of exclusivity. Eventually sold for a whooping, $380,000 by auction in 2017, not only has this timeless craftsmanship set a world record for being the most expensive handbag to ever be sold in the traditional markets but additionally highlights the status that comes with being an owner of such luxurious and rare products.


As we navigated through the history and exclusiveness of these coveted fashion accessories produced by Hermès, we realise that its love lies in the ownership model. Most of the time designer and luxury products come with a hefty price tag that often is a cause of concern, however the collections being reproduced by the French fashion leader, are not an expense but rather an investment making it even more appealing to the dynamic demands of consumers. Hermès' commitment towards excellence is reflected through its training modules and production practices. Its time! Time to own a Hermès handbag and invest in a legacy that is set only for growth. As you consider the world of Hermès, remember that you're not just acquiring a bag; you're becoming a custodian of a legacy that spans generations.


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