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Exploring the design behind the Luxury Hermes Orange Box

Written by Georgia Swain



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Unboxing Elegance: The Enchanting History and Significance of the Hermès Orange Box

Have you ever come across a radiant orange box with understated elegance? The Hermes orange box in the 21st century has become a symbol for both luxury and prestige with this signature packaging being instantly recognisable to connoisseurs within the collectors industry. 


This orange coloured box has transcended its purpose of storing products and instead has become a symbol of Hermes brands commitment towards exclusivity. Additionally made from cardboard, this shines a light on the brand's commitment towards a sustainable environment. 

The origins of this unique orange box can be traced back to 1942, where it was initially introduced with the aim of protecting luxurious accessories such as belts, bags and scarfs. 


Through this article, we will unbox the secrets behind the Hermes orange box, highlighting upon the brands' commitment towards the environment and its customers. 


Join us on this journey of discovery, where we break down how this box became a symbol of refinement for the brand's products. 

Hermes Orange Box

History of the Hermès orange box

The most fascinating element of the Hermes orange box is the captivating story behind its creation. Rewinding back to World War II, it was a stressful period for the brand as it was faced with unexpected difficulties in the production stages.


 Historically, the brand used to utilize a cream-coloured cardboard for the packaging of their products however, due to various restrictions because of the war there was a shortage of these boxes, setting the stage for the most transformative moment within luxury packing. 


There came a time when their supplier was only able to provide them with cardboard boxes that were bright orange in color. In order to prevent any additional constraints, Hermes decided to embrace this offset as a new strategy towards innovation. Taking this bold step forward, they decided to change their packaging completely, thus giving rise to the signature Hermes orange boxes.


Though, the story has just begun. While the war ended, Hermes realized that bright orange boxes were gaining the attention of customers worldwide and decided to stick to this decision. This change in packaging isn't merely a container but soon became an important element within the Hermes shopping experience.


Over the recent years, we have seen developments and changes brought to this bold orange package by incorporating different shapes and sizes to meet with the dynamic demands of changing trends. This showcases the brands commitment towards keeping the packaging as luxurious as the products itself. 


Notable products that come in this iconic packaging are the Kelly and the Birkin product lines.  

Hermes Orange Box

Exploring the Significance of the Hermès orange box

Let's delve further into the significance of these unique, standout orange boxes. Hermes is founded around the core values of elegance and luxury, this orange box is not a package for products but rather conveys a profound message of luxury, exclusivity and quality through its vibrant colours yet simple design.


Let's first look at the significance of the colour. The distinctive nature of this bright orange box allows individuals across the globe to instantly identify Hermes products. In Fact, this bold choice of colours is what sets Hermes from the other luxury brands, signifying its positive approach to unconventional strategies.


In terms of design, the packaging has simple and basic elements such as a solid colour, clean and crisp lines, all of which are reflective of the brand's commitment towards elegance.


In terms of quality, the brand doesn't compromise. Despite its use of cardboard, the Orange Box is studied, adding value to the already existing brand commitment towards quality. It is noticeable that these boxes are created with the same love and care as the actual luxury products themselves, creating a unique sense of anticipation for its customers.


Another unique element of the Hermes orange box is that it has a crucial role to play in the marketing strategy of the brand. This has been seen through strategic marketing campaigns that create a sense of excitement, through collectables and one of one product. 


By centering their marketing efforts around this orange box, Hermes was able to create a sense of curiosity, towards their unique craftsmanship and customer experience.


Finally, we have the collectable element to not just their products, but their packaging too. Well sought after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts, owning a Hermes box showcases your appreciation towards the brand's efforts, making it a unique symbol of status within this dynamic high-end industry. 

It's time to be bold!

It is understood now, that his bold and unique orange Hermes box is not a symbolic statement towards high-end luxury but also highlights the brand's commitment towards high quality products without compromising on environmental sustainability.


A bright orange hue, and a simple design, showcase Hermes core values when it comes to engaging customers. If you don't own a Kelly or Birkin bag, then what are you waiting for! Your Orange Box awaits!


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