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Exploring Monetisation of Luxury Bags: The Ultimate 2023 Resale Guide

Written by Georgia Swain



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When it comes to the luxury fashion market, luxury handbags are at the top of the chain when it comes to value. People across the globe perceive these luxury handbags as a symbol of statement as well as investment. Though, studies have shown that individuals don't understand the true monetary potential these iconic bags have to offer.


There are numerous ways that these luxury handbags can be monetised, right from rentals to reselling them at a marked up value from its purchase. The easiest ways to sell your luxury handbags are to a reseller in a brick and mortar set up, online reselling platforms or even to a direct buyer if you come across one. 

Selling Your Luxury Handbag to a Consignment Shop

Let's delve into each method individually. When it comes to consignment shops, they offer a seamless and quick experience due to their experience and expertise when it comes to buying and selling luxury products. Due to their experience and extensive knowledge when it comes to the luxury handbag marketplace, they tend to offer you with a fair market value in addition to actually marketing and selling your handbag for you, allowing you to sit back and bear the fruits effortlessly.


However, when dealing with consignment shops it is important to keep in mind that they do charge a sales commission, in simple terms implying that upon its sale you won't receive the entire retail value. These sellers commissions range between 25% - 40%. 

Image showing luxury handbag

Selling Your Luxury Handbag Online

The second channel to sell your favourite handbag is an online channel. There are numerous online marketplaces popping at an increasing rate, which specialise in resale of luxury handbags.


Selling your luxury handbags online can be very different from consignment stores because of the procedures in place. When selling online, it is crucial to use high quality photos of the bag that you are looking to sell along with a well written and details product description right from its condition, to ask price and how long it has been used for. Make sure that you are honest while filling in these descriptions.

Selling Your Luxury and Designer Bags Directly to a Buyer

The final channel is directly to a luxury fashion enthusiast or buyer. The easiest way to maximise your profits when selling your pre-owned handbag, is to sell it directly to a buyer, due to the sole reason that there is no middleman taking upon a commission from your earnings. Although, this has proven to be considered as highly time-consuming and at times difficult, as individuals may doubt our authenticity or credibility. Another notable channel to sell your handbags, is the Facebook marketplace and public enthusiasts groups, however, make sure to do your research thoroughly as selling on such a marketplace has a higher risk of getting scammed. 

Keep these two points in mind if you do choose to sell your luxury handbag directly to a buyer. Firstly, utilize online advertisements or local publications on a credible platform to increase your chances of finding a buyer. Secondly, one must be mentally prepared and open to negotiating the selling price to decrease the time it may take to find your ideal buyer. 

Image showing Chanel Handbag

Tips for Selling Your Luxury Handbag

Here are a few tips for selling your luxury handbag:


By ensuring that you have your handbag appraised, it will give you a clear idea of the running market value of your bag and help you to set realistic prices. 

High-quality photos

This is especially important if you are selling your bag online. The photos should be taken in proper lighting, make sure that all angles of your handbag are easily visible to the buyers. 

Detailed Description

Descriptions should be inclusive of the brand, model, colour, condition, and any other relevant information you may feel fit. If there are any damages, do mention them as it can prevent any after sale issues with your customers. 

Image showing Chanel Handbag

Competitve Price

Researching the second hand market along with the help of, online price guides provide you with an idea of what other similar bags are selling for. 


When selling your luxury handbag directly to a buyer, be prepared to negotiate on prices to prevent dragging on the sales process and potentially loosing interested customers. 

Proof of Authenticity

If you are selling a high-value luxury handbag, it's important to provide the buyer with proof of authenticity. 

Are you ready for this exciting journey!

In conclusion, monetizing your luxury handbags in 2023 offers a plethora of opportunities, and understanding the diverse channels available can significantly impact your financial returns. With 3 key channels to help make the selling process, remember that regardless of the method you find easiest, remember to be transparent and enjoy the selling experience. 


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